What is Team Awesomism Virtual Academy and What Do We Do?

Team Awesomism Virtual Academy is an online learning platform that is working to help autistic teens and adults develop life skills and social skills. This was started by Lynne and her son Peyton, whom the latter is truly helping show the positive side of autism.

We will be using videos as a medium of teaching both life skills, social skills and soft skills. There will be courses varying from household chores to investing money and everything in between. We will have many different instructors as well.

Our primary goal is to help turn autism into awesomism by increasing life skills, social skills and soft skills for autistic adults.

There is a store on AwesomismMom (and Team Awesomism website) where we sell handmade items, t-shirts and others that will help keep our Virtual Academy free for autistic adults. Feel free to check them out!

We also have a private Flipboard magazine, where students can join and contribute.

If you're willing to support us, here is a tip here on Paypal.

Please feel free to look around our courses and videos that we've put out!